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A Lineage

Are you looking for (real) self defense, based on an art and not sport? In this modern day and age, you need to feel and know that you have at a chance, in a real confrontation. Keep it simple, use what has adapted, from past to the present, but yet still was passed down by a lineage of true masters.

Come on in and train realistically, but yet traditionally, in modern martial arts.

At Authentic Wing Tsun of Peoria, you will learn Authentic WingTsun Kung Fu, as taught by Great Grandmaster Leung Ting.

Enjoy positive fitness, in a comfortable environment, learning a real system of self-defense. Be part of a tradition stretching back generations of time and forward into the far future.

What is WingTsun Kung Fu?

Wing Tsun is a martial art, designed to be realistic and effective for anyone with the desire and dedication to learn real self defense.

WingTsun only requires normal flexibility (no splits!) and normal health and fitness. WingTsun uses your natural range of motion, and will naturally develop your fitness and conditioning as part of your training.

With WingTsun you'll learn to:

  • Use an attacker's force, turning it back against them
  • Take control of the situation from the moment contact is made
  • Strike rapidly with relaxed, structured, signature heat-seeking chain punches
  • Swiftly close the distance, smother an attacker, neutralizing their ability to fight effectively
  • Fight smart, use less energy, so you can defend yourself, from even a bigger, stronger attacker using trained, high quality techniques/concepts.

More important, you'll also gain:

  • Positive self-esteem
  • Self Confidence/ Motivation
  • Great fitness, coordination, and balance
  • True family of friends

Real Self Defense Starts Now!